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 Recover Lost data from Mobile Phones and Tablets
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Smart phones and tablets using Apple IOS or Android such as Apple iphone, ipad tablet, Samsung Android phone/tablet, have nowadays taken the world by storm. Fueled by internet, these mobile on-the-go devices are in fact redefining the way we access information and communicate with one another, putting traditional notebook or destktop pc in dim light. The portability, user-friendliness and slicked applications of these devices have become a must-have for every one to create, store and exchange information, be it for personal or business usage.

Modern smart phones or tablets are capable of true multitasking, data connection tethering, task switching, video playback to Air-Play devices bluetooth pairing, PC-like application installations from app-store on needed basis.

Why everyone is going viral in smart gadgets ? Be it Android or Apple IOS, the rich and smooth graphics, consistent user interface, multi-platform connectivity, classic finger-friendly touch screen actions such as swipe-to-roll, pinch-to-zoom, twist-to-rotate have eliminated the use of a stylus or fixed buttons with entertaining user experience. Nowadays, owning either an Android phone, Apple iphone or ipad has become both a status symbol and necessity in order to stay in touch with the world.

It is common that the hand phones or tablets may go dead or due to inadvertant deletion accidents or wrong operation, important information such as documents, contacts, photos and videos are lost. In such cases, you may need to contact ADRC for retrieval of your phones' data.