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Digital Computer or Data Forensics is the process of handling, analysis and extraction of digital evidence from computer system or digital storage media for the purpose of legal litigation or other usage.

In fact, computer forensic is more than just data recovery as most people think. It also involves correct handling of media (for chain of custody), good reliability and reproducibility of evidence.

What happen if you find your company's data being deleted by past employee? Worst still, your sensitive data could be copied out and probably in the hands of your business competitors. In fact, this is one of the most common situation in Singapore that may warrant forensics investigation. Do you want to just recover your data or do you also want to find out if the business sensitive data has been copied out? What are your options ?

Though the evidence may still exist in the digital media, the left over traces of digital data is rather volatile and can be easily altered or lost. In fact, by just booting up the suspect's computer or perform a harmless browsing or searching can impair valuable evidence.

Likely, you could be faced with the following scenario :

1. You may not want to pursue further and just choose to recover the lost data so data recovery is the only option considered. This is easy and straight forward.

2. You have already decided to recover and lost data and perform a computer forensic investigation by all means.

3. You want to recover the lost data but worry that this may affect your investigation in due course. You are not sure what to do yet as there may be a multitude of considerations such as time, cost, management approval and urgency of matter.

It is easy to proceed with scenario 1 and 2. Unfortunately, most of the people are generally stucked with scenario 3 above. Worst of all, due to lack of knowledge, they may start downloading data recovery tools for their own DIY recovery process or hand the media to some third party vendors without understanding the possible damages done to the volatile evidence.

The situation can be more complicated if your computer assets are purposely damaged physically or you have hard disk crash, double blows to the situation. In this case, no forensics investigator can ever assist you to extract the required data evidence from the physically damaged media. Here, you have the advantage of engaging ADRC to provide one stop shop solution to perform data recovery as well as data forensics. This will also add credibility to your chain of custody as there is no need for you to pass the media to different vendors for different part of the work with high possibility of altering or damaging the delicate evidence.

We advise that in such situation, please contact us so we can give you the correct advice to proceed next.