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Mail Data Recovery

E-mail is a critical part of business communication, collaboration and contractual documentation. Whether you are using Microsoft Outlook .PST, Microsoft Outlook Express .DBX, Microsoft Exchanger Server .EDB or .STM, Lotus Notes .NSF and the like, losing your mail could mean complete breakdown of your business operation.

Due to the dynamic nature of mail database and busy schedule, it may be difficult to come up with a satisfactory backup strategy resulting in data loss when disaster strikes.

Mail database is normally large and grows in size steadily each day. It is being loaded by the mail program from the disk platter every day and it is plausible that over time, the IO activities could stress the disk or computer system sufficiently to a failure point. It is therefore not a surprise that a large number of customers started the disk crashes while working with their email application.

Types of Email Application Error

At times, due to complex user environment, one may get "Jet Engine Error", "Read Verification Error", "Invalid Format", "Unsuccessful Rollback" and other forms of mail corruption such as oversize Outlook PST, corrupted Information Store etc.

Common types of failures include :

Rescuing lost mail normally requires recovering the lost data followed by repairing the recovered data and whatever the situation, we are equipped with the necessary tools and know-how to assist.