About ADRC Singapore

Adroit Data Recovery Centre Pte Ltd (ADRC) is the leading home-grown data recovery service provider for the Asian region. Founded in 1998, ADRC is the first company who offers data recovery services in Singapore and has grown from strength to strength. From its humble roots as a computer service provider to a full-fledged data recovery expert offering a full suite of data rescue solutions covering the whole gamut of media types and varying levels of storage device complexity.

Currently ADRC operates full-fledged Class 100 clean lab facilities for recovery works in Singapore and Malaysia. In Singapore, ADRC owns the largest data recovery centre situated. ADRC understands the importance of on-going research and have continued to invest heavily in order to keep up with ever-changing disk technology.

ADRC stocks more than 1 million worth of disk parts and proprietary tools and has handled more than 50,000 jobs as at 2016.

In fact, ADRC has been approved by major banks of Singapore to perform data recovery jobs with the strictest data confidentiality observed. It is therefore not surprising that our premises are monitored with 24-hour alarm intrusion and video CAM system for reasons of data security. In additional, the workflow is conducted in such a way that only the customers have access to check and verify the recovered data. All data media are handled through a strict chain of custody. All job details are tracked and entered into the on-line database where customer could have their password-protected views to see what is going on.


Our Customer Base

Our customers ranges from international MNC,. commercial banks, Government Ministries to individual home users. We service the most complex mutli-array RAID servers, hard disk drives to simple removable media. We service all digital data media across all platforms.

Today, we are now serving customers from Asian countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong and China, just to name a few.

Career Opportunities