Digital Life News Feature on 27 May 2008

ADRC TOPS Digital Life's Data Recovery Test!

Test Objective

DIGITAL LIFE, THE STRAITS TIMES carried out this experiment reported on May 27 2008 to test if data can be recovered from hard disks damaged in various ways.

The experiments were based on real-life scenarios that executives or students may have encountered as they move about with their laptops (Digital Life, The Straits Times, 2008).

After a series of grueling tests by DIGITAL LIFE, THE STRAITS TIMES, Adroit Data Recovery Centre (ADRC) emerged as the ONLY data recovery specialist that recovered 100% of data in all the tests within 2 hours.

Companies Invited for the Test


Experiment Details

EXPERIMENT 1: A 2.5 inch external hard disk was thrown down a flight of stairs 3 times, got kicked down for good measure the 4th time.


EXPERIMENT 2: A 2.5 inch external hard disk was run over by a 2.4 litre (1,700kg) Toyota Estima multi-purpose vehicle twice (once forward, once back). After that, the disk was hammered 7 times on an uneven granite floor.

(Hard disk that has been sent back after experiment 2)



Companies / Results
Experiment 1
(Thrown down a flight of stairs)
Experiment 2
(Run over by vehicle and hammered)
Adroit Data Recovery Centre (ADRC)
100% of data recovered
(Less than 2 hours)
100% of data recovered
(Less than 2 hours)
Kroll Ontrack Singapore
0% of data recovered
76% of data recovered
(a few days)
X Recovery Company
Declined Participation


Quotes from Digital Life

In Digital Life's Experiment, Adroit Data Recovery Centre (ADRC) was able to rescue 100 per cent of the files stored in the thumbdrives dunked in water and coffee - and it did it in less than two hours" - Digital Life

At the Adroit labs (ADRC), an INCREDIBLE thing happened. Recovery for both drives was 100 per cent successful - and it was done in less than two hours... - Digital Life

Over at Kroll Ontrack, the results weren't that bright. Data in the drive that was thrown and kicked down the stairs was not recoverable at all - Digital Life

For Kroll Ontrack, the disk ran over by the car and hammered...only 66 out of 87 files were recovered - Digital Life