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Removable Media

For business travelers, removable media is a good means of saving important data in a quick and easy way.

Convenience of removable media

The key feature of removable media is convenience as they can be easily plugged into the computer system (without a power down) for data work and then unplugged for subsequent keeping.

It could be cartridge or disc-based storage devices. They can be use to transport data easily between computers for presentation or work sharing.


Types of removable media

Commonly these include traditional floppy disks, compact discs, flash memory, USB flash drives, USB hard disks, Firewire external hard drives, Iomega Zip / Jaz cartridges, PCMCIA PC cards, Multimedia Card and all other electronic storage media.

Causes of data loss

Lost of data is commonly due to file deletion or corruption of file system. Frequently, by unplugging USB devices without a proper system reject may cause problem to the data stored in such devices.

In a number of situations (especially for USB based devices such as thumb drives), one may get errors such as "Insert the device" where by the device has already been inserted.

Whatever the case, contact ADRC for your recovery needs.