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Notebook or Laptop Recovery

Modern business employees rely heavily on laptops to perform nearly every aspect of their jobs.

Losing data from a laptop or notebook can mean years of lost productivity. It may also mean that your important project is doomed if you fail to have the backup.

From ADRC you would also can depend on the fact that your data will be retrieved and kept confidential.

The recovery process has to be all done within a world-class facility like the one established and maintained by ADRC where your data storage devices are handled with the utmost care in a class 100 clean room: an environment even the air within is filtered to eliminate particles much finer than what the human eye can see


Types of laptop hard drives

Laptop drives are normally in 2.5" form factor. Commonly we now have 1.8" type or even CF II mini disk to increase portability by the notebook manufacturer. Such miniature disk size has increased the complexity of recovery requiring specialized knowledge and specially developed tools.

Laptop or notebook data can be lost due to :

For such recovery, we only require the hard disk drive. In cases if the customers have problem taking out the hard disk, the whole notebook could be sent over.

Warranty Void Issues

Frequently the customer may not want the notebook or laptop to be opened to access the hard disk for recovery as it could be a new purchase or fear of warranty being void once the notebook is opened. If it is not related to physical damage, ADRC has the capability to read and lift off the data from the laptop directly through network or USB interface without touching a single screw.