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Cancellation Fee versus Evaluation Fee

Some may ask about the difference between cancellation fee and evaluation fee. Don’t they mean the same?

If the evaluation fee is equivalent to cancellation fee, then regardless of whether the recovery job is recoverable or not, you will have to pay a fixed evaluation fee upfront before we even proceed with the evaluation.

However, this is not the case in our procedures. When you send in the disk to us, we will do a free evaluation for you (no fees to be paid upfront). After the evaluation, we will let you know on the recovery pricing. Only in that stage if you do not wish to proceed will we charge a cancellation fee. If data is not recoverable, there will be no charge at all! Not even the cancellation fee.

Now, you will ask why charge for the cancellation fee then. We want to discourage those who are not sincere in pursuing the data recovery service with Adroit Data Recovery Centre to just send their disk down for free evaluation. Another reason is we do have a lot of PC shop dealers or computer resellers who send in their customers' disks to us and after evaluation, they will take our findings to their customer and even charge them a fee. We think this small fee is justifiable for the time spent in handling the disk should the any one decide not to proceed with the recovery for whatever reasons.

Furthermore, customers would have known our estimated range for data recovery fees before they send it down to us and we will not arbitrary raise the fees just for customers to cancel the job. This cancellation fee is too small for our business to survive.