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Evaluation of hard disk

Lab procedures to evaluating a hard drive

Depending on the types of damage, the electronic components will be tested with signal testers. Drive platters will also be examined by our proprietary optical analysis to determine the extent of physical damage. If condition allows, the drive could be connected to specially developed drive tester for further profile analysis.

A course of action will then be proposed to address the situation such as the need to replace or repair failed mechanical or electrical components, read/write head stack assemblies, logic control circuits, drive motors etc.. Some of the jobs must be performed in a class 100 clean room environment.

Upon determining the appropriate steps and resources needed for the recovery, the customer will be informed of the costs and time to recover the data together with a problem summary or statement. No work will be performed without the approval from customer.

Upon approval and confirmation from customer, our engineers will commence the recovery work.

Frequently, there may be a need to examine low-level data sectors to restructure the data based on the file system types in order to access the data. File and data repair may be needed and in that case one needs to understand the exact data structure in order to attempt the repair. In the worst kind of corruption, we can still perform low level scan to locate use-able binary bits and piece them together based on the internal file structure format or contents.

All recovery process adopted by ADRC is non-destructive processes. A working source drive will be cloned sector by sector to another target drive to be worked on. In this way, the data in original drive is never damaged or altered.

Data Handling by ADRC

Upon successful completion of work, the recovered data will be validated by the in-house program and a recovery report will be sent to the customer. Customer only make the payment if the data has been verified to his full satisfaction.

Throughout the process, the customer data is never directly accessed by any staff of ADRC besides the automatic data extraction or recovery process handled by the program run. Unless with the permission of the customer, the engineers may then choose to access or review the specific data segment as requested to resolve the problems.

All data media within ADRC is sealed, logged and locked up securely.

In any case if ADRC failed to recover any data, no fee will be charged.

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