Data Recovery Services by ADRC Singapore

Recovery Engineer at work

Our engineers working in a Class 100 clean lab.

To retrieve your lost data such as a crashed hard disk is not something that can be left to chance. This specialized service is not a commodity where your first consideration is price. Data recovery demands a multi-disciplinary approach. The finesse and care of a craftsman is needed as data storage devices like hard disks, hand phone and even RAID servers are becoming more and more complex and correspondingly more delicate inside and difficult to handle.

The experience that ADRC possesses counts as deep familiarity with the various media types, manufacturers and even the peculiarities of different batches from each manufacturer could make the crucial difference between a successful data recovery procedure or the permanent loss of your precious data. The instincts of a detective is required to trace back the root cause of how the data loss occurred in the first place as a prelude to the appropriate data recovery strategy to adopt whether it is from a single hard disk or a multi-terabyte RAID server.

Your choice in who to entrust your hard disk or RAID server to is vital as amateurish recovery attempts could cause permanent data loss. ADRC’s reputation in the industry as the undisputed experts’ expert is known. Ask around or look at the ever-growing ADRC testimonial in data recovery - we have a reputation of recovering data after failed attempts by other data recovery companies.

Still doubtful about ADRC? Take a look at this data recovery drill carried by the Digital Life, The Straits Times and you will be convinced.

You may also want to investigate forensically data theft after your employees have left the company with even some of your crtical business data go missing. Whatever the case, we can access the situation and advise you if it is appropriate to perform a computer or data forensic investigation.


Your data is our priority

From ADRC you would also can depend on the fact that your data will be retrieved with understanding unlike some back alley hack that may recover many gigabytes of data but not the few all-important files that you desperately need for business continuity.

The recovery process has to be all done within a world-class facility like the one established and maintained by ADRC where your data storage devices are handled with the utmost care in a class 100 clean room: an environment even the air within is filtered to eliminate particles much finer than what the human eye can see.

Importance of data confidentiality

How about data confidentiality ? You need to entrust your valuable and sensitive business or private data to some one who could guarantee zero information leak. Besides protected with round-the-clock video CAM and on-line alarm system, all customers' media is passed around and recorded. Recovered data is always sealed and stored securely. Such effort is not trivial as we understands the utmost importance of data confidentiality. Further, we give our guarantee to your data confidentiality via our in-house non-disclosure agreement.

If your data is important to you, you simply need to get the best!